Snow days and other such fun…

We got a lot of snow dumped on us the past couple of days. To those of you who don’t know me… snow is a very bad word! It’s the “S” word, and I try to refrain from using it…. Snow is beautiful to look at and I appreciate the change of seasons, but, what I don’t appreciate is the idiots that drive like, well, idiots in it and on the roads when they are icy. My daughter who’s a sophomore in High School has been deliriously happy, because yesterday and today were snow days and they had no school! She’s trying to figure out how to learn an Indian Snow dance and extend the days off out into the weekend….

Right about now I could use a ticket to some place warm and sunny with a sandy beach that is calling my name! BIG HUGS, Steph



Talking about YouTube – Teenage Dream(with me)



YouTube – Teenage Dream(with me)

This kid cracks me up! BIG HUGS, Steph

Things I’ve learned from a 3 yr old…

If he wants something, he will get it… no matter how high up it is or how well I’ve hidden it.

Nothing is really hidden from him…

Liquids are more fun when they are poured on the floor/rug/tile…

If it’s sharp or dangerous he’ll want to play with it…

A magnet on a TV screen makes pretty colors, and now everyone on that TV screen is blue or purple….

Never, EVER think you can wear him out….

If he knows he’s not supposed to touch something, that makes it all the more desirable to touch….

He knows how to watch a video on the computer and uses a mouse better than his Grandpa does. lol

He runs A LOT faster than I do…

All it takes is him hearing a swear word once, and it’s in his vocabulary… Gee thanks Grandpa….

Toys, especially cars or trucks, that show any sign of defect/weakness, are immediately dismantled. Ever seen a Marine dismantle his gun for cleaning? You know the ones that can do it blindfolded? Well, they put the gun back together again…. this lil guy has the dismantle down just as fast! Now, if I could just teach him to put things back together again….

The kittens WANT to be put in drawers, cages, boxes, buckets, totes, backpacks, pillow cases, the dryer… etc. etc. (So he says, the cats tell me different)

Our dog is really a horse!

I hate Sid the Science Kid, and yet, I will sit and watch it with him… (Have you heard about the kid who wants to know everything about everything? Well if it were up to me he and his parents would be dismembered and buried in my yard.)

Have I mentioned he runs a lot faster than I do?

He’s also taught me to say, I LOVE YOU, often, and how good it feels to have it come from that sweet lil face.

Just thinking out loud….
I hope you all  have had a fantastic summer. My youngest started High School today, and I’m not handling it well. Who said they could grow up so fast?


I’m so proud to have this young lady as part of my extended family. It makes me thankful for what I have, and for the love we all have. Please click on her name to view the video(sorry about having to watch a commercial first). BIG HUGS, Steph


This summer has been wonderful! I feel like I’m living on the Oregon or Washington Coast. It hasn’t been too hot yet, and we have had lots of rain! I love it! (I spoke too soon, yesterday it was 102 here.)
Gauge and I spent a day at the Cherry Festival, (yes I had fresh squeezed lemonade every day!) I wasn’t sure if he would like the carnival rides or be afraid… I shouldn’t have worried, he loved them! In fact he wanted to go on the scary adult rides, and got bent out of shape because he couldn’t. I am beginning to think I have a budding adrenaline junkie on my hands… I blame my brothers! How has your summer been? BIG HUGS, Steph

The Book of Steph (the continuing trials of a woman from the west)

And lo there came a woman from the west. She was a goodly woman and didst try always do what was pleasing in the eyes of the Lord… (well I did say TRY!)
In the spring of the year our woman of the west didst converse with a dear sister who’s name was Rebecca, and lived in the land known as LALA Land (A land known for it’s abundance of oranges, and silicone). She, being close to the woman’s heart along with her "big bubba" of a husband is much loved among the family of the woman of the west. For lo there had come a proclamation to let the people know that "big bubba" had recently been ill but was now feeling much better. This was joyful news to the woman and those she had begat…
And Rebecca didst rejoice that her "big bubba" was doing well. She sayeth to the woman of the west… yea let us go and tarry together in the warm sun and sandy beaches in the land of Puerto Vallarta. Thou wouldst only need to fly-est thyself down and I wouldst see to all of thy other worldly needs. (A very generous offer indeed!)
The woman of the west didst think upon this offer and didst proceed to do her famous but rarely seen "happy dance."
The youngest daughter of this woman, upon seeing this "happy dance" didst implore her mother as to the reason for this dance.
When informed, there was much wailing and knashing of teeth done by said daughter, for spending time with Rebecca of LaLa land was a much enjoyed treat, and thus she was wont to be included in such fun and good times…
But yea verily the woman of the west and her daughter had forgotten one very important item… The governing laws of the land had recently changed and thus to travel to the warm sunny land of Mexico, the citizens must now have what is known across the land as a Passport.
Indeed it has been many years since this woman has had a passport, and so, she then joined in with her daughter with much wailing and rending of garments, both hanging their heads with much woe.
This woman from the west, and both of her daughters have vowed to obtain the proper traveling papers that the laws do so specify, and will, take-eth up Sister Rebecca’s offer next time!
How is everyone else doing? BIG HUGS, Steph

Do people survive a remodel?

We are (finally) remodeling the front part of the house. It involves putting more "mud" on the walls because I’m not a fan of, orange peel texture. One bad thing about having a man in the house who actually knows something about home repairs… he notices every little thing… like when the ceiling is sagging or when the floor boards are rotting… YIKES! Things are getting fixed at a great price, and as long as I feed them they are happy and have accomplished miracles!
It has NOT been fun trying to keep Gauge (3yrs) and Dekeon (5yrs) from putting hand prints, scrapes, dings, gouges, holes, etc in the new wall texture as it is drying ( I have had a headache for 3 days now!)
One fun thing, in one of the holes that was in the drywall by the door, the guys found a stash of toys… Hotwheels, Legos, Action Figures, Socks, a desicated Mandarin Orange, etc, etc, etc.
I’ll let you know if they find Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster… It’s possible ya know. BIG HUGS, Steph

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